Board of Directors

Soumana Nasser, Pharm.D.


Clinical Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice Deptartment
School of Pharmacy
Lebanese American University
Byblos, Lebanon

Marie Therese Estephan Sawaya, MD.


Diabetes Business Director
Market Access Director
Sanofi Levant
Beirut, Lebanon

Rita Karam, pharm.D, PhD.


Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences and Medical Sciences
Quality Assurance of Pharmaceutical Products Program Director - Ministry of Public Health
ISPOR Chair-Elect (2020-2022) - Arabic Network

Dr. Wadih Mina, Pharm.D,


Msc Pharmaceutical Marketing
Msc Health Economics
Market Access Manager, Levant – Roche
Cancer Immunotherapies & Personalized Healthcare

Mr. Maher hassoun, MS Microbiology

Director of Communications

Business Unit Manager Levant,
North Africa and KSA

ISPOR Community Leader

Mirna Metni, Pharm.D.

Former President

Controller Pharmacist Medical Control Department
Lebanese National Social Security Fund
Beirut, Lebanon

Message from the President

ISPOR Lebanon chapter (LSPOR) highlights the importance of health economics & outcomes research in Lebanon and strives to serve as a catalyst in bringing together all stakeholders in the Lebanese healthcare system. LSPOR continues the mission initiated by its founding president, aiming to balance the three dimensions of health care - quality, access, and affordability. Despite the tremendous challenges brought by the economic meltdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, LSPOR is committed to serving its members and community by providing educational and training sessions and supporting research activities to advance the field of health economics in Lebanon.
Soumana Nasser
Pharm.D. President