Outcome Research & Real World Effectiveness

Presenter: Marie-Therese Estephan Sawaya, MD

Outcome Research: Why?

Outcome Research is a critical public health tool enabling identification of public health gaps at national level, defining public health priorities, evaluating cost and measuring health outcomes.

We shall take into consideration the local structure of the medical environment and standards of care, while evaluating any medical intervention benefit versus cost. This would vary from one country to another, and within the same country with different regions or institutions.  Aiming for effectiveness,  versus efficacy studied in clinical trial setting which in most cases would not resemble the real world situation, Real-world effectiveness data are to-date at most importance.

This cannot be fulfilled without well designed unbiased national registries that would identify health challenges and gaps in the current system, evaluate costs and define priorities accordingly. These registries would also enable appropriate cost benefit evaluation, at both national and institutional levels.