Educational Symposia

Educational Symposia are 1 hour presentations open to all LSPOR delegates.

Educational Symposia are sponsored presentations given during the LSPOR meetings held each year

The host organization chooses a subject of interest to delegates and arranges suitable speakers. The presentation topic must be related to LSPOR’s mission and be a scientific discourse, not a promotion of a particular drug, product or service. The topic and speakers (which must represent more than one organization) are subject to LSPOR approval.

Symposia times are pre-set by LSPOR and offered pre-and post-event, at the beginning and end of event daily programming and during event lunch times.

Continuing education accreditation is not available for Educational Symposia.

Fees for hosting an Educational Symposium vary according to the symposia time, but start from the following:

$ 5,000  per  1 hour symposium


Symposium reservations can be made up to 2 years in advance of each meeting. To ensure that a variety of organizations have the opportunity to host symposia at LSPOR events, an organization may make advanced reservations to host a symposium for up to 2 consecutive meetings (eg Annual meeting 2017 and 2018), .

Symposium Opportunities for LSPOR Annual Meeting 2017

For information on availability in future years please contact: