LSPOR annual event: “HTA, the assessment of value” (video inside)

The LSPOR annual event “HTA, the assessment of value” was held on 23-24 Feb 2018, at Hilton Beirut Metropolitan, Beirut, Lebanon. The meeting’s main objectives were to outline the fundamentals of what a ‘good’ HTA process looks like, identify principles applicable to structuring and governing HTA organizations and understand key aspects of HTA: clinical evidence, economic evaluation, budget impact, and uncertainty. In addition to that, the impact of HTA and barriers to impact were explained. Different and evolving approaches to implement HTA in Lower Income Countries were discussed. The LSPOR Committee welcomed international speakers, Pr. Kristensen, Pr. Strong, Dr. Jamelledine, and national stakeholders in the delivery of four sessions. The meeting was attended by 138 participants and the participation level was high.



Health Technology Assessment: Importance, Process and Key principles
Current and Future Issues in HTA
Implementing HTA in Developing Countries
EUnetHTA: The European Experience

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Day 1 video

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