LSPOR 1st Educational Program 25, 26 November 2016

LSPOR is offering a four-module educational program in the area of pharmacoeconomics which provides key concepts in the discipline of pharmacoeconomics and health economics to facilitate the translation of PE information for healthcare decision-makers in developing policies and guidelines. It will raise awareness of PE in the country as part of the ISPOR objectives.

The program includes elements related to concepts of PE role in healthcare, PE models utilization, Health Technology Assessment, Budget Impact Analysis and pricing/ reimbursement policies. It takes into account economic, clinical and humanity outcomes in our society, and it is of high priority due to growth in healthcare expenditure with limited resources leading to changes in policies and practices.

The PE program ranges in level from introductory to advance and are taught by leading experts in the field, many with hands-on training opportunities.


Registry Overview | Omar Dabbous, MD, MPH

Pharmaco-Economics Basic Principles | Soumana Chamoun Nasser, Pharm.D.

Overview of Pharmaco-Economics Methodologies | Maher Hassoun,M.S.

Transferability of model-based economic evaluations | Manuela Joore PhD

Steps in assessing the transferability of foreign CEA studies | Silvia Evers/Professor of Public Health Technology Assessment