Strategic Pillars

SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH EXCELLENCE: ISPOR is committed to strengthening the integrity, advancement and the understanding and use of health economics and outcomes research among researchers, health technology developers and assessors, regulators, health economists, health care policy makers, payers, providers, patients, populations, and society.

MEMBER ENGAGEMENT:  Through its membership and stakeholder groups, LSPOR has access to the ideas, knowledge, skills, and experiences that enable achievement of its mission.  LSPOR offers membership benefits that are valued and essential in members’ professional growth.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  Knowledge and skill building are at the core of the LSPOR mission.  LSPOR will lead efforts to strengthen and expand capabilities in health economics and outcomes research.

COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION: LSPOR will be a valued and reliable resource for translating knowledge into practice for decision makers and stakeholders who include members, providers, payers, patients, professional societies, foundations, health authorities, the media, and others.

ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES: LSPOR embraces a core set of values and standards that underlie all that we do.